Preschool – Busy Bear Classroom

Welcome to the preschool classroom at Greater Quincy Child Care Center. Our children range in age from 2.9 – 4+. We believe that children learn best through interacting with their environment. We provide a balance of child initiated activities and teacher selected curriculum to maximize the children’s learning. View our Busy Bear Newsletter

Communication with Parents:

The teachers are available during the child’s arrival and pick up times to briefly speak with the parents. We encourage phone calls between 1:30 and 2:30 for more in depth conversations.

  • Semiannual developmental assessments and annual parent conferences
  • Monthly newsletter and weekly lesson plans
  • Daily activities posted on our classroom door
  • Text alerts for classroom reminders

Program Highlights:

  • Full healthy and nutritional meal program
  • Music Enrichment program
  • Large Motor Enrichment program
  • In-house field trips
  • Follow Massachusetts Department of Early Education guidelines for Preschoolers
  • Computer and Kindle Fire in classroom

Curriculum and Child Development:

We follow the Massachusetts Department of Early Education Guidelines for Preschoolers when planning our curriculum. We structure our curriculum through play, meaningful activities and development of the whole child. Our curriculum is based on a weekly theme and is supported throughout the day through books, games and music. We encourage the children to work at their own developmental level, while supporting them as they learn and grow.

  • We allow for child-initiated activities to develop problem solving skills
  • We encourage independence and positive self awareness
  • We provide group circle times and free art every day
  • We support fine motor skills through art and sensory play
  • We challenge large motor muscles on the playground and through movement programs