Pre-Kindergarten Chipmunk Classroom Ages 4-5 +

Welcome to the Pre-Kindergarten Chipmunk Classroom at the Greater Quincy Child Care Center! The Pre-K age children thrive throughout the day with our “learn through play” philosophy. This hands-on type of experience allows the children to develop skills such as problem solving, self-awareness, independence, and so many more! View our Chipmunk Newsletter

Communication with Parents:

The teachers are available during the child’s arrival and pick-up time to speak briefly with the parents. We encourage phone calls between 1:30-3:00 p.m. during the children’s rest time to have more in depth conversations. Some communication points we provide:

  • Semi-annual Developmental Assessments
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Bulletin board with curriculum, monthly newsletter, and daily schedule
  • Text alerts for classroom reminders
  • Open-door policy
  • Monthly newsletters and weekly lesson plans

Program Highlights:

  • Full healthy and nutritional lunch program
  • Music Enrichment program
  • Large Motor Enrichment program
  • Computers and Kindle Fires in classroom
  • Semi-annual Field Trips

Curriculum and Child Development:

Our curriculum supports the development of the whole child. We follow the Massachusetts Curriculum Guidelines under the Department of Education. It is based on weekly themes that are developmentally age-appropriate, challenging, and are planned to encourage each child to grow in all developmental areas at his or her own pace. Each child engages in Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Language, Pre-Reading and Self-Help Skills. Some examples include:

  • Alphabet Letter Journals, name writing on art work, and a daily sign-in name binder
  • Hand washing, rest time cot set-up and clean up
  • Large muscle development on our climbing structures
  • Fine motor development through art and sensory activities
  • Negotiation and cooperation skills with peers with teacher support