Age 5 by October 31st of the school year.

Kindergarten age children learn best when they are actively involved in their own learning. They need many opportunities for hands on experimentation in order to make concepts and ideas real to them with the teacher guiding and supporting this learning. View our Kindergarten Newsletter.

Communication with Parents:

Parent involvement is critical. We welcome parents to come in to read a story, assist with learning centers, or to have lunch with us

  • Parent bulletin board includes the weekly menu, the classroom monthly newsletter, the classroom schedule, and other important information.
  • The message board on the classroom door provides daily information about the curriculum, show and tell and upcoming events.
  • Semiannual Parent Teacher conferences
  • Text alerts for classroom reminders

Program Highlights:

  • Full healthy and nutritional meal program
  • Music Enrichment Program
  • Large Motor Program
  • Leader of the Day
  • Full day-year round Kindergarten program
  • Only closed for 12 holidays

Curriculum and Child Development:

Your child has a portfolio outlining their work throughout the school year. Our Kindergarten curriculum has been developed using the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

  • Frameworks are standards set by the State providing teachers with guidelines about what a child should know and be exposed to during the Kindergarten school year.
  • The texts and teacher resources used with your child are from the Harcourt Brace Kindergarten Series.
  • Classroom learning takes place in the following centers: Language, Art, Math, Fine Motor, Science, Social Studies, Dramatic Play, Library, Computer, Circle Time and Blocks.
  • During small group reading and writing groups, the children work on developing phonics skills and beginning reading and writing skills.